ET, ISTE NETS and 21st Century Skills

ISTE NETS for StudentsIt’s pretty simple: you can’t have one without the other. All three need to combine in order to provide effective, relevant learning experiences for both students and teachers in the 21st Century. The discussion threads below allow us to organize our contributions as discussions progress in each room of the ISTE Emerging Technologies Workspace in Second Life.


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  1. We have just finished our first quarter with the 07 ISTE standards and can only say it has been a great success. My wife and I were fortunate to attend the NECC in Atlanta and took a lot of fresh ideas back with us to Kuwait.

    These standards are clear and concise and are able to reflect the changing world of edtech in K12 environments. With the shift away from teaching technology to teaching with technology, the new standards were made to integrate smoothly with PBL and performance assessment.

    Thanks to ISTE, I was able to create rubrics that left no stones unturned. One of the more successful projects we did integrated Voicethread with expectations from Social Studies, English and of course ICT. The students met many of the ISTE standards for HS and learnt how to be Web2.0 prosumers as well as digital citizens.

    Besides the swarm of webware available for PBL, Scratch, Sketchup, and Podcasting are three that shine particularly when aiming to meet these redefined standards. Yes, my students are 21st Century literate – now they have to convince their other subject teachers to allow them to use these tools to communicate, collaborate and create.

    A good number of my students are currently attempting to persuade their English and other core teachers to accept Diigo webslides as alternatives to black ink on white paper. Let’s face it, when students know their work has a potentially global audience that reflects who they are, they create real quality – because they know their voice counts, and they take pride in that fact.


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